Nostalgic music feeling, modern technology ...

... MusicBox 4 Kids unifies both. With this app your iPhone / iPad turns into a classical music box!

Let your young hear peaceful music, which also once accompanied you to sleep. Early hearing of music also have priceless effects for the growth of unborn children!

That offers MusicBox 4 Kids:

- child-friendly design, cute figures
- music in the familiar Xylophone-Music-Box-Style
- incl. 3 known songs
(The moon has risen, All my ducks, Cuckoo Cuckoo)
- much more music and real sounds optional via In-App-Purchase
- barriers to protect against In-App-Purchases by children
- real sounds e.g. vacuum cleaner
- endless loop (no need to wind up)
- sleep timer feature (music stops after selected time)
- free of advertisement
- completely in English
... and much more!

MusicBox 4 Kids will help to bring your loved child into the land of dreams on a musical way. It's particularly effective if the music / sound is known from times in the womb. So there is no "to early" for music.

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