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We, as owner of this site currently don't store itself neither anonymous or personal user data for further use. However, for the analysis of user activity we use Google Analytics. Please also read the point "Google Analytics" to get more information about the collected data by Google. Furthermore it's possible that there will be data stored by the operator of the server e.g. access times, IP's, amounts of data. We don't have access to that data and they are beyond our responsibility. Our apps collecting anonymous user data which are evaluated and prepared by the statistic provider "" who makes them available to us. This anonymous information (e.g. the useful life, the used iOS version) are only used for statistical evaluations to optimize our apps. Data from user inputs inside our apps are only stored for there own purpose, but they are unknown for us and thus they are not used in any form by us. Apps which are located in the App Store category "Made for Kids" have no links or other activities outside the protected area for parents (parental gate) which will make it possible for kids to start third party apps or to start transactions e.g. In-App-Purchases. If there are any changes in that point, you will be informed here about it. Please use the available contact possibilities at the "Contact" area of this page if you have any questions concerning our privacy policy.

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